Programme sections

2 6.  A R T   F I L M   F E S T   K O Š I C E

(15.  ̶  23. june 2018)

  1. International Competition of Feature Films (feature films copyrighted no earlier than 1 January 2017)
    Programmer: Peter Nagel
  2. International Competition of Short Films (short films copyrighted no earlier than 1 January 2017)
    Programmers: Martin Kaňuch, Daniel Vadocký
  3. Be2Can Starter (award-winning films from Venice, Berlin and Cannes)
    Programmers: Peter Nagel, Ivan Hronec
  4. European Corner (the most notable films of European provenance)
    Programmer: Peter Nagel
  5. Love & Anarchy (a representative sample of independent cinematic trends)
    Programmer: Martin Ciel
  6. Around the World (the latest titles from outside Europe)
    Programmer: Peter Nagel
  7. Neighbours Online (a theme- and genre-based collection of films from Central and Eastern Europe)
    Programmer: Viera Langerová
  8. American Indies (focusing on the ultra-independent American film scene)
    Programmer: Daniel Vadocký
  9. Variety Select: Art Films (a US critics’ selection of films about art)
    Programmer: Allisa Simon
  10. Eastern Promises (crowd-pleasing hits from Asia)
    Programmer: Kristína Aschenbrennerová
  11. Topic: 100 SK/CZ (One Hundred Years of Fellowship / an outline of Slovak/Czech history and fateful milestones – 1918, 1938, 1948, 1968…)
    Programmer: Eva Filová
  12. Milan Lasica: President’s Choice (musicals that have aged to perfection)
    Programmer: Milan Lasica
  13. Fero Fenič Special (a respected filmmaker – and East Slovakia native – presents his favourite films and filmmakers)
    Programmer: Fero Fenič
  14. Late Night Show (a midnight genre mishmash)
    Programmer: Adrián Žiška
  15. Bergman 100 (the centenary of the legendary Swedish director – films, a lecture, guests)
    Programmer: Peter Nagel
  16. Slovak Season (a reflection of the domestic audiovisual scene)
    Programmer: Martin Palúch
  17. Children’s Movies (films for children and families)
    Programmer: Peter Nagel
  18. Amphitheatre (big-screen blockbusters)
    Programmer: Peter Nagel
  19. Short Film Special: Made in Sweden (a block of short films from Sweden)
    Programmers: Daniel Vadocký, Martin Kaňuch


  • Actor’s Mission (a tribute to masters of the art of acting)
    Programmer: Peter Nagel
  • Golden Camera (awarding outstanding filmmakers)
    Programmer: Peter Nagel
  • The Art Film Fest IFF Festival President’s Award (The Art Film Fest International Film Festival President’s Award is bestowed upon figures whose creative activities in film have been instrumental in advancing the art of cinema at both the domestic and the international level)