• Milan Lasica - President of the Festival

  • Peter Hledík - Vice President of the Festival and director István Szabó

  • Simone Kirby and Barry Ward - actors of Ken Loach´s film Jimmy´s Hall

  • Ivan Trojan - Actor´s Mission awarded

  • actor Marián Labuda

  • actress Claudia Cardinale and director Juraj Herz

  • Claudia Cardinale - Actor´s Mission awarded



The International Competition of Feature Films Blue Angel for Best FilmCesta ven | Cesta ven | The Way Out r. Petr Václav, CZ/FR, 2014, 103´ Award for the producer: Miloš LochmanThe film is dealing with the strong reality we all have to adjust to. We appreciate the importance of the subject, the true details, work with the non-actors and the depicting of micro-situations. Blue Angel for Best DirectorClub Sándwich | Klub Sandwich | Club Sandwichr. Fernando Eimbcke, MX, 2013, 82´Award for...

CLAUDIA CARDINALE: I’ve lived 141 lives


“The loveliest compliment I’ve ever received was from David Niven. When we were shooting The Pink Panther, he said: ‘After spaghetti, you’re Italy’s happiest invention.’” Today at Art Film Fest, Claudia Cardinale, the invention in question, will accept the Actor’s Mission Award. What does an award from Art Film Fest mean to you?I’ve appeared in 141 films. And I’ve got many awards at home. But I’m looking forward to accepting this award in Trenčianske Teplice. It’s beautiful here, surrounded as...

A good film is like a stunning girl


To make a good film, the story is most important. The camerawork doesn’t matter, says Răzvan Vasilescu. He has appeared in seminal works of the Romanian new wave such as Stuff and Dough and California Dreamin’ (Endless).  Tomorrow, as a member of the Main Jury, he will decide which among the 11 films in the International Competition of Feature Films will win Art Film Fest’s grand prize—the Blue Angel.Do actors and directors judge films differently as members of festival juries?I don’t...

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